Annual Conference 2020

Each year clergy and lay members and other interested persons attend their conference’s annual conference session for worship, fellowship, and to conduct the business of the conference. These sessions include training opportunities, reports of past and ongoing work; adoption of future goals, ministries, and budgets; ordination of clergy members as elders; and election of delegates to General Conferences (every four years). The bishop presides over these meetings.

Due to a concern for the safety of our participants, this year’s Annual Conference was not held in person. Rather much of the business of the conference was conducted virtually via emailing. The following is the schedule of communications received electronically by local church delegates and ordained elders.

Step 1 - April 13-14 - New Superintendent Confirmation

Step 2 - April 27 - Recommendations of the Board of Ministerial Education & Guidance (approved by BOA)

Step 3 - May 4 - Recommendations of the Nominating Committee for 2020-2021 Conference Year (approved by the BOA)

Step 4 - May 11 - Recommendations of the Board of Stewardship & Finance (approved by the BOA)

Step 5 - May 18 - Various Ministry Reports

Step 6 - May 25 - Conference Board of Administration Actions for 2019-2020 presented to elders and delegates for approval.

Step 7 - June 1 - Presentations from Bishop Linda Adams and Superintendent-Elect Carl Brannon, and a MAC report with the pastoral appointments for the new conference year.









          A Message from Bishop Linda Adams May 2020

                                                     A message from Superintendent Carl Brannon & Kim












We have seen the local church change and adapt to the shelter at home orders around the states. Each week we surf the web and watch several of our sponsoring Churches online services. In chatting with a few they were concerned as to how to keep people focused on missions during this time.  
We know your needs are great at this time and we want to be sensitive to people who have lost jobs and are concerned about tomorrow.  
With that in mind, we have created this 80-second video letting folks know what God is doing with the work in the Balkans.  If you want to use it during your broadcast that would be appreciated.  It is good news and might encourage folks as they see what God and His people are doing in other parts of the world.
Spring 2020 Updates







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