Coaching Coordinator



Rev. David Cooper

Preaching / Administration

Dave has served on multiple conference boards, including the Ministerial Education and Guidance Board and Appointments Committee. Dave provides coaching in the areas of preaching and administration.


Rev. Patrick Coakley

Spiritual Development/Preaching/Homiletics

Patrick Coakley is the North Central Conference Administrator and is the District Team Leader of the MetroChicago District.


Rev. Larry Day

Youth Ministry/Creative Community Impact/Church Turn-around

Larry Day is the District Team Leader of the 3D District, currently serving on the Revitalization Team and has also served as Annual Conference Secretary.


Rev. Kevin DeVries

Revitalization/Internet/Community Outreach/Congregational Generosity

Kevin DeVries pastors the Monee (IL) FMC, with a heart for reaching college-age adults and families with children.



Rev. Greg Marsh

Church Administration, Preaching, Small/Rural Town Ministry

Greg Marsh pastors the Free Methodist Church in Livingston, WI and is the District Team Leader of the Wisconsin District. Greg also oversees the annual pastors' retreat.


Greg Marsh

Rev. Rick Martin

Technology/Administration/Bi-Vocational Ministry

Rick Martin pastors the Alexandria MN FMC, serves on the NCC Ministerial Education and Guidance Board and was instrumental in creating the NCC Deacon Path handbook and processes. Rick coaches in technology implementation, living with bi-vocational ministry and administration and organization.


Rev. Jim McGaffey

Conflict Resolution/Social Ministry Development/Substance Abuse Ministries

Jim McGaffey is semi-retired, has pastored several effective churches, Ministerial Education and Guidance Board, chaired the NCC Board of Finance and more. Jim currently is District Team Leader for Team North,


Rev. Bolivar Pena

Hispanic Ministries

Bolivar Pena pastors in Melrose Park, Illinois and is the District Team Leader for Hispanic Ministries in the North Central Conference.

Bolivar Pena


Rev. Elliott Renfroe

Leadership Development/Conflict Resolution/Cross-Cultural Ministries

Elliott Renfroe coaches in leadership development, conflict resolution and cross-cultural ministries.


Rev. Rob Ricksecker

Immigrant Ministries

Rob Ricksecker pastors the Central Community FMC in Urbandale, IA and is the District Team Leader of the Heartland District.



Rev. George Schleif

Leadership Development/Effective Evangelism/Preaching

George Schleif pastors the Wesley FMC in Waukegan, IL. George coaches in leadership development, effective evangelism, and preaching.